Friday, February 6, 2009

A long way gone

By Ishmael Beah is a book I haven't read as yet, but it is on my list ot must reads. Even though I did not own the book, the story sounded interesting, different and thankfully from all the reviews there was no James Frey kind of 'fake' element attached to any words.

I knew then that Ishmael had to be one strong fellow, and 'strong' being a speck of dust, while what I actually mean is strong = all the specks of dust to have ever flown in Sudan. So I made my way to Barnes and Noble at Astor Place and realised that I was one of over a hundred fans. Ishmael is a short guy, very personable, with a hint of accent, but terribly clear in thought. I loved the way he paraphrased a question from the crowd for everyone, and answered it directly without losing his train of thought , or moving to another string of words. He even had a sense of humor...yeah yeah eligible guy you say. In this day and age when single people have a tough time finding a companion, I say that you should send your mom to a book reading and make a case! Some young things mom, did exactly that much to Ishmael's discomfort.

Anyways back to the point - Will write back when I have read the book.


  1. Will await your post on this one...

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I'll wait for your review on the book. The cover is quite intriguing and your description about the author is a humbling experience.

  3. looking forward to your review of this book. i had heard about this book on npr a few weeks ago while driving to work. it was an interview with the author. it did sound very interesting.