Saturday, January 12, 2008

Read & Return

If you are one of the regular travelers and enjoy reading, then you probably know about this already. The Read & Return program offered by the Paradies Shops is really cool. It offers travelers a great way to save money. You can buy a book, read it, and return it within 6 months to one of their many stores and still receive 50% off. This program has apparently been around since 2003, but I haven't tried it as yet.

I mean a library definitely beats this model in terms of price, but I think it may just cater to a separate audience, the ones that probably don't have the time to go to a library.

A Long Way Gone

By Ishmael Beah is a book I haven't read as yet, but it is on my list ot must reads. Even though I did not own the book, the story sounded interesting, different and thankfully from all the reviews there was no James Frey kind of 'fake' element attached to any words. I knew then that Ishmael had to be one strong fellow, and 'strong' being a speck of dust, while what I actually mean is strong = all the specks of dust to have ever flown in Sudan.

So a few months back I made my way to Barnes and Noble at Astor Place, and realised that I was one of over about a hundred fans. Ishmael is a short guy, very personable, with a hint of accent, but terribly clear in thought. I loved the way he paraphrased a question from the crowd for everyone, and answered it directly without losing his train of thought , or moving to another string of words. He even had a sense of humor...yeah yeah eligible guy you say. In this day and age when single people have a tough time finding a companion, I say that you should send your mom to a book reading and make a case! Some young things mom, did exactly that much to Ishmael's discomfort.

Anyways back to the point - Will write back when I have read the book.