Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I hate my nose!

Says, Alfred. This doggie has self esteem issues and is not happy with his appearance, especially the shape of his nose. Sure enough, we may look at his mug and think 'cute'. But that didn't stop Michael Jackson from getting multiple surgeries, did it? Anyways, I am moving away from the point. Alfred is unhappy with his nose and finds himself on a quest for the perfect nose.

Alfred's Nose promises a great story (with a moral, dont we love that!), and good visuals. I wish to buy this book for my nephew, when he is older. I am actually not a fan of dressing dogs in human clothes, sweaters, mufflers, anything to help them stay warm - OK, anything more, Ugh. Yet, I think the moral of the book might make this entire thing interesting.

The book is written by Vivienne Flesher. You can check out a few pages HERE.