Sunday, August 24, 2008

Best of the Year so far..

Amazon has listed the best books of the year for 2008 -

Must see the list HERE

Life Isnt all Ha Ha Hee Hee

Damn right, its not!!

But the book isn't a good example of representing that either. It was just OK by my standards. Am I a better person because I read this book? Perhaps not, it reiterated for me a lot of things I probably knew already. Still, dont we often read material where we know the content anyways, or at least think we do? (The Secret types.)

Tans, Chila and Sunita are the three characters in the book - all very unique in their personality with distinctive beliefs. The story revolves around the relationship among the three women and also among the people in their lives.

Apparently this book was also made into a television series in the U.K. in 2005:

The cast includes:

Tania - Laila Rouass

Chila - Ayesha Dharker

Sunita - Meera Syal (the author)

If this series does come my way in the far future, perhaps I will watch. But for now, I am back to my own non-ha ha hee hee life.