Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How many of you read Malory Towers?

Gosh this takes me back. Today I was asked to look at a *style guide for Ugly Betty, which I loved. The company Hyperdesign does some cool stuff! Anyways, I hopped upon Raggedy Ann and it took me back. For some reason I thought about Malory Towers and remembered how I totally loved the books!

I think I thought it was even cooler coz I was totally into wanting to be at a boarding school and saw that the girls in the book got to be there! Thinking back, I think staying with my family was more important at that age…being independent later on in life is imperative and as time goes on, you automatically become so.

So here’s a trip down memory lane: The cast

The main character Darrell Rivers
Sally Hope - Darrell's level-headed best friend
Felicity Rivers - Sarrell's younger sister
Gwendoline Mary Lacey - the form's spoilt martyr (Wasn’t she born to the richest parents on earth?)
Alicia Johns - sharp tongued, competitive and intelligent
Mary-Lou - small and timid, but very kind hearted
Irene - scatterbrained musical genius (loved her!)
Belinda - scatterbrained artistic genius (loved her too!)
Jean - shrewd and straightforward
Wilhelmina - completely horse-mad

What is the contemporary Malory Towers? Or is there even one?

*Style guide: a publication which specifies details of a particular topic, writing style of in industry, it is a guide to a potential licensee to better understand the brand essence and direction to make on-brand products. E.g. what is the perfect way to make a sock look like an ‘Ugly Betty’ sock.

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