Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Alchemist

I completed the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho a few weeks ago.

It was a book that people were talking about forever. And considering the hype it received, I was quite shocked coz much to my ignorance, I did not know it was a motivational book(yes, you can say it out loud - total DUH reader!). Hence, now when I think back of people who say they loved the book, I wonder, wow, did they really?

Its an easy read, simple and short story of a boy on the way to achieve his dream. Its interesting how the book wants you to make the analogies between things such as 'omens', or the significance of each place or project. e.g. the Pyramids, or the girlfriend, or the Alchemist himself.

It does make me feel proud that I chose my path, different and sometimes hard though it may have been, rather than stuck to the old-fashioned ways.

You go Santiago!!!


  1. I listened to Jeremy Irons read this novel and I loved it! Most people I know who read the book didn't really like it. They said it dragged on. I could easily listen to Jeremy Irons read the back of a cereal box so maybe that's why I was riveted. But I did feel motivated after listening to the story!

  2. Hi, my name is Asphodel and I'm an audio book virgin...


    I've never partaken in the pleasure, mostly because when I walk into a book store I go through a portal that brings me into another dimension and I just don't think to look at the audio book section, but also because I am somewhat hesitant for fear that hearing someone read me a story will take away from my own experience of it.

    The Alchemist is on my summer reading list.