Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kafka on the Shore

I just started 'Kafka on the shore'. It is quite interesting how this book finally got to my hands. On my way to work by subway one morning, I noticed a girl across from me reading this book.

It caught my interest and I twisted anf turned and bent and well, did whatever it took until I found out the name. No! I was not obnoxious or rude!
Half an hour later, I was on Google waiting to read more about it. I hadn't heard of the author before this, so it was kind of difficult for me to remember his name. Anyways, search engines make our lives so much easier these days.

That very day I decided to share my new find with my friends through email. A few months later, among other things, I welcomed Kafka's story in my house as a birthday gift. Thank you N! Its been a while and Haruki has been staying patient as I made my way to pick up his book. Now finally, Kafka and I have begun our journey....will write more when we reach the end.

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